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1952 California Zephyr

AZL is proud to offer the legendary California Zephyr operated jointly by the CB&Q, D&RGW and WP between Chicago and Oakland. Scaling both the Rockies and the Sierras, it was the most scenic train route in North America. The CZ traveled 2,438 miles starting in 1949 until 1971 when Amtrak took over. All passenger cars were made by Budd. Originally a 10 car consist in 1951, but increased to 11 in 1952.

AZL also offers the single PRR car that ran weekly as a through service to and from New York City. The CZ railroads ordered 6 complete sets and AZL have made 4! All three railroads used EMD F3s as pulling power which AZL also offers separately. The correct F3 assignments were: CB&Q A-B-A, D&RGW A-B-B-A and WP A-B-B.

AZL California Zephyr

California Zephyr

California Zephyr Passenger Set #72100

RailroadCar #Car NameCar Type
WP801Silver BeaverBaggage
CB&Q4717Silver LodgeDome Coach
D&RGW1107Silver MustangDome Coach
WP817Silver ThistleDome Coach
CB&Q251Silver LoungeDome Buffet
WP863Silver Mountain10-6 Sleeper
CB&Q427Silver Falls10-6 Sleeper
WP842Silver PlatterDiner
CB&Q401Silver Larch16 Section Sleeper
CB&Q426Silver Cliff10-6 Sleeper
WP802Silver CliffDome Observation

California Zephyr Passenger Set #72101

RailroadCar #Car NameCar Type
WP802Silver StagBaggage
D&RGW1108Silver PonyDome Coach
WP814Silver SageDome Coach
CB&Q4718Silver LariatDome Coach
CB&Q252Silver RoundupDome Buffet
WP865Silver Range10-6 Sleeper
D&RGW1131Silver Summit10-6 Sleeper
CB&Q195Silver RestaurantDiner
D&RGW1121Silver Pine16 Section Sleeper
WP866Silver Bay10-6 Sleeper
CB&Q375Silver HorizonDome Observation

California Zephyr Passenger Set #72102

RailroadCar #Car NameCar Type
D&RGW1100Silver AntelopeBaggage
WP811Silver DollarDome Coach
CB&Q4721Silver SaddleDome Coach
D&RGW1105Silver BroncoDome Coach
WP831Silver ChaletDome Buffet
CB&Q424Silver Shore10-6 Sleeper
CB&Q428Silver Valley10-6 Sleeper
D&RGW1115Silver BanquetDiner
WP871Silver Palm16 Section Sleeper
D&RGW1133Silver Creek10-6 Sleeper
D&RGW1145Silver SkyDome Observation

California Zephyr Passenger Set #72103

RailroadCar #Car NameCar Type
CB&Q904Silver BuffaloBaggage
CB&Q4720Silver RifleDome Coach
CB&Q4719Silver RanchDome Coach
WP816Silver ScoutDome Coach
D&RGW1140Silver ShopDome Buffet
WP862Silver Canyon10-6 Sleeper
CB&Q423Silver Point10-6 Sleeper
CB&Q194Silver DinerDiner
WP872Silver Poplar16 Section Sleeper
D&RGW1134Silver Glacier10-6 Sleeper
CB&Q376Silver PenthouseDome Observation

Single PRR Passenger Car #72104

RailroadCar #Car NameCar Type
PRR8449Silver Rapids10-6 Sleeper

CB&Q Locomotives

AZL Model #F3AF3BF3A

D&RGW Locomotives

AZL Model #F3AF3B

Western Pacific Locomotives

AZL Model #F3AF3BF3B

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