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NSC 53′ Well Car

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53' Thrall Well CarAbout the NSC 53′ Well Car:

A well car, also known as a double-stack car or stack car, is a type of railroad car specially designed to carry intermodal containers (shipping containers) used in intermodal freight transport. The “well” is a depressed section which sits close to the rails between the wheel trucks of the car, allowing a container to be carried lower than on a traditional flatcar. This makes double-stack rail transport possible.

Double-stack cars are most common in North America where intermodal traffic is heavy and electrification is less widespread; thus overhead clearances are typically more manageable.

AZL Model Details:

  • Multi-color pad printing
  • Photo-etched metal walkways
  • Separately applied handrails
  • Injection molded containers
  • Prototype specific details
  • Blackened metal wheels
  • AZL AutoLatch™ couplers


Model Photos:


AZL NSC 53′ Well Car:

AZL #Road NameRoad Number
90602-2 (3 Pack)Canadian Pacific526045A, 526045B, 526045C
90602-3 (3 Pack)Canadian Pacific526102A, 526102B, 526102C
90602-4 (3 Pack)Canadian Pacific523131A, 523131B, 523131C
91602-2Canadian Pacific527726
91602-2Canadian Pacific527926
90602-1 (3 Pack)Canadian Pacific526022A, 526022C, 526022C
90601-1 (3 Pack)DTTX620549A, 620549B, 620549C
90601-5 (3 Pack)DTTX620450A, 620450B, 620450C
90601-2 (3 Pack)DTTX620562A, 620562B, 620562C
90601-4 (3 Pack)DTTX620410A, 620410B, 620410C
90601-3 (3 Pack)DTTX620599A, 620599B, 620599C
90601-6 (3 Pack)DTTX | Schneider620456A, 620456B, 620456C
90601-7 (3 Pack)DTTX620831A, 620831B, 620831C
90602-5 (3 Pack)Canadian Pacific523137A, 523137B, 523137C
90601-8 (3 Pack)DTTX620789A, 620789B, 620789C
90601-9 (3 Pack)DTTX620524A, 620524B, 620524C
90602-6 (3 Pack)Canadian Pacific523154A, 523154B, 523154C
91602-3 Canadian Pacific527744


Additional Manufacturer Notes:

Prototype background material from Wikipedia

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