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40´ AAR Boxcar

| May 31, 2018

40' AAR Boxcar

This is a brand new release and represents the standard 1937 AAR 40´ Box Car. It is offered with Murphy raised panel roof, both Youngstown and Superior doors and the most common 4-5 Dreadnaught ends. AZL also offer the correct choice of wooden and etched steel running boards. This enables AZL to offer a very prototypical Box Car.

Some small notes on freight cars in general. Trucks used to be bolted together and that was outlawed by A.R.A. / A.A.R. for good reasons. A maintenance nightmare since they could come apart. Replaced by solid frame trucks they also saw a change as A.A.R. made roller bearings mandatory in the early 1950s.

Other developmental changes effected the running boards. They were probably all wooden to start with. Wood was more slippery than steel, so wood was banned in 1944. In the 1950s running boards and side ladders were outlawed as well. That is why the 1930´s Box Cars lived long with updates through their operational lives. By 1970 these Box Cars could not be found on Class 1 railroads any longer.


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40´ AAR Boxcar:

AZL #Road NameRoad Number
904315-1Western Pacific20136
904385-1 (2-Pack)Western Pacific20009, 20018
914315-1 (4-Pack)Western Pacific20004, 20017, 20047, 20134
904307-1Louisville & Nashville90243
904377-1 (2-Pack)Louisville & Nashville90004, 90015
914307-1 (4-Pack)Louisville & Nashville90002, 90007, 90233, 90240
904313-1Southern Pacific32803
904383-1 (2-Pack)Southern Pacific32807, 32812
914313-1 (4-Pack)Southern Pacific32800, 32801, 32953, 32999
904304-1Canadian Pacific221657
904374-1 (2-Pack)Canadian Pacific221235, 221269
914304-1 (4-Pack)Canadian Pacific221233, 221234, 221268, 221656
904311-1New York Central157239
904381-1 (2-Pack)New York Central157206, 157231
914311-1 (4-Pack)New York Central157200, 157202, 157204, 157237
904301-1Atlantic Coast Line20344
904371-1Atlantic Coast Line20187, 20190
914301-1Atlantic Coast Line20185, 20186, 20332, 20341
904314-1Union Pacific183247
904384-1 (2-Pack)Union Pacific182935, 182936
914314-1 (4-Pack)Union Pacific182933, 182944, 183228, 183245

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