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53′ Articulated Spine Cars

| March 20, 2023 | 0 Comments

Spine Cars

All new 2023 tooling by AZL! The cars are metal with both etched metal and plastic add-on details. The cars are articulated and ride on modified AZL 90001 roller-bearing trucks. Note some assembly required, especially adding the hitches. It is recommended the trailers are secured to the cars for optimal performance.

Model Photos:


Articulated Spine Cars:

AZL #Road NameSet
905205-1TTAX Trinity RAF 53CSet 555233 | 5-Car Set
954005-1Roadway 53' Trailers | 2-Pack
905204-1TTAX Trinity RAF 53CSet 555187 | 5-Car Set
954004-1JB Hunt 53' Trailers | 2-Pack
905231-1TTAX Trinity RAF 53CSet 355033 | 3-Car Set

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