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Just in time for the June 2015 release, the EMD F3 locomotives are here. The EMD F3s are being sold as an A-B set. Both the A and B are powered. The F3s feature:

  • Prototypical detailing
  • Traction tires
  • Powerful can motor
  • Flywheels
  • Directional controlled LED lighting
  • DCC ready
  • Optional truck with coupler to replace front truck
  • Optional drawbar for close coupling
  • AZL AutoLatch couplers


Model Photos:


EMD F3 Locomotive A-B Sets:

AZL #ModelRoad NameRoad Number
62909-1EMD F3 A-B SetD&RGW552A, 552B
62909-2EMD F3 A-B SetD&RGW554A, 554B
62902-1EMD F3 A-B SetATSF16L, 16A
62902-2EMD F3 A-B SetATSF18C, 18B
62913-1EMD F3 A-B SetB&O82A, 82X
62913-2EMD F3 A-B SetB&O86A, 84X
62912-1EMD F3 A-B SetGN353A, 353B
62912-2EMD F3 A-B SetGN356A, 356B
62918-1EMD F3 A-B SetNP6503, 6503B
62918-2EMD F3 A-B SetNP6504, 6504B
62907-1EMD F3 A-B SetPRR9501, 9501B
62907-2EMD F3 A-B SetPRR9502, 9502B
62914-1EMD F3 A-B SetCN9000, 9001
62914-2EMD F3 A-B SetCN9003, 9004
62901-1EMD F3 A-B SetSP6100, 6100B
62901-2EMD F3 A-B SetSP6109, 6109B
62900-1EMD F3 A-B SetNYC1606, 2406
62900-2EMD F3 A-B SetNYC1608, 2408
62910-1EMD F3 A-B SetSouthern4132, 4320
62910-2EMD F3 A-B SetSouthern4138, 4326
62911-1EMD F3 A-B SetUnion Pacific1402A, 1446B
62911-2EMD F3 A-B SetUnion Pacific1407A, 1454B
62915-1EMD F3 A-B SetD&RGW | California Zephyr Set5521, 5522
62915-2EMD F3 A-B SetD&RGW | California Zephyr Set5524, 5523
62916-1EMD F3 A-B-B SetWP | California Zephyr Set801A, 801B, 802B
62916-2EMD F3WP | California Zephyr | Single802A
62917-1EMD F3 A-B-A SetCB&Q | California Zephyr Set9960A, 9960B, 9960C
62916-1AEMD F3 A-B SetWP | California Zephyr Set801A, 801B

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