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GE P42 Genesis

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Amtrak GE P42 Genesis Phase V

The P42s feature traction tires, directional controlled LED lighting, DCC ready for Digitrax and TCS drop-in decoders. They are extremely powerful locomotives with massive pulling power.

Amtrak® Licensed Products. Amtrak® is a registered service mark of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation.


Model Photos:


GE P42 Genesis:

AZL #Road NameRoad NumberNotes
63502-1Amtrak18Phase V
63502-2Amtrak44Phase V
63502-3Amtrak76Phase V
63502-4Amtrak92Phase V
63501-1Amtrak5Phase IV
63501-2Amtrak23Phase IV
63501-3Amtrak26Phase IV
63501-4Amtrak37Phase IV
63501-5Amtrak | North East Corridor104Phase IV
63501-6Amtrak | North East Corridor107Phase IV
63502-5Amtrak | AutoTrain Assigned818Phase V
63502-6Amtrak | AutoTrain Assigned835Phase V
63507-1Amtrak | Heritage156Phase I
63508-1Amtrak | Heritage66Phase II
63509-1Amtrak | Heritage145Phase III
63500-1Amtrak22Phase III
63500-2Amtrak28Phase III
63500-3Amtrak37Phase III
63500-4Amtrak41Phase III
63504-1VIA904Blue Variant
63504-2VIA905Blue Variant
63504-3VIA910Green Variant
63506-1Commuter Railroad 2203
63506-2Commuter Railroad 2208
63503-1New Haven228
63503-2New Haven229

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