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The SD70ACe features a powerful can motor, dual flywheels, traction tires, directional controlled LED lighting, AutoLatch™ couplers, fine pad printing, included optional pilot and plow and the locomotive comes DCC ready.


Model Photos:


EMD SD70ACe Models:

AZL #Road NameNotesRoad Number
63102-1BNSFOriginal Cab9330
63102-2BNSFOriginal Cab9334
63109-3UPHeritage | WP1983
63103-1CSXOriginal Cab4832
63103-2CSXOriginal Cab4834
63110-2NSHeritage | Reading1067
63100-1UPOriginal Cab8370
63100-2UPOriginal Cab8444
63102-3BNSFSafety Cab8768
63102-4BNSFSafety Cab8773
NSHeritage | Savannah & Atlanta1065
63121-1CNOriginal Cab8004
63121-2CNOriginal Cab8016
63109-5UP Heritage | CNW1995
63101-1NSSafety Cab1033
63101-2NSSafety Cab1045
63110-3NSHeritage | Erie1068
63105-1KCSOriginal Cab | Grey4010
63105-2KCSOriginal Cab | Grey4021
63109-4UPHeritage | Katy1988
63110-9NSHeritage | Illinois Terminal1072
63107-1MRLOriginal Cab4307
63107-2MRLOriginal Cab4308
63107-3MRLOriginal Cab4312
63110-5NSHeritage | Wabash1070
63109-6UPHeritage | MoPac1982
63110-6NSHeritage | Penn Central1073
63104-1KCSOriginal Cab4032
63104-2KCSOriginal Cab4038
63104-3KCSOriginal Cab4055
63109-7UPHeritage | George Bush4141
63110-1NSHeritage | New York Central
63110-4NSHeritage | Lackawanna1074
63100-3UPSafety Cab8800
63100-4UPSafety Cab8803
63108-1FerromexOriginal Cab4008
63108-2FerromexOriginal Cab4011
63109-2UPHeritage | Denver & Rio Grande1989
63110-10NSHeritage | New Jersey Central1071
63109-1UPHeritage | Southern Pacific1996
63110-8NSHeritage | Virginian1069
63106-1KCS de Mexico4076
63106-2KCS de Mexico4088
63109-1BUnion PacificHeritage | Southern Pacific1996
63109-8Union Pacific | Spirit of UP1943
63109-2BUP | Heritage D&RGW1989

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