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EMD E8/9

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EMD E8/9

AZL is excited to announce the release of EMD E8 and E9 locomotives. These are the first injection molded E8/E9s on the market. The first release is Louisville & Nashville. The L&Ns are the ideal motive power for AZL’s L&N heavyweight passenger cars released in December 2014. Four road numbers are available.


Model Photos:


EMD E8/9 Locomotives:

AZL #ModelRoad NameRoad Number
62608-1E8 AL&N794
62608-2E8 AL&N795
62608-3E8 AL&N796
62608-4E8 AL&N797
62604-1E8 ANYC4038
62604-2E8 ANYC4040
62604-3E8 ANYC4057
62604-4E8 ANYC4058
62609-1SE9 A-B Set
Both Powered
MILW30 A, 30 B
62609-3SE9 A-B Set
Both Powered
MILW32 A, 32 B
62609-2E9 AMILW30C
62609-4E9 AMILW32C
62611-1E8 AACL544
62611-2E8 AACL545
62611-3E8 AACL546
62611-4E8 AACL548
62610-1E8 AMP7018
62610-2E8 AMP7019
62610-3E8 AMP7020
62610-4E8 AMP7021
62605-1E8 APRR5700
62605-2E8 APRR5704
62605-3E8 APRR5714
62605-4E8 APRR5715
62600-3SE9 A-B Set
Both Powered
UP949 A, 965 B
62600-4SE9 A-B Set
Both Powered
UP952 A, 968 B
62601-1SE9 A-B Set
Both Powered
ATSF82, 82A
62601-3SE9 A-B Set
Both Powered
ATSF85, 85A
62601-2E8 AATSF84
62601-4E8 AATSF86
62603-1E8 ACanadian Pacific1801
62603-2E8 ACanadian Pacific1802
62603-3E8 ACanadian Pacific1803
62607-1E8 ASouthern6901J
62607-2E8 ASouthern6903X
62607-3E8 ASouthern6904T
62607-4E8 ASouthern6905K
62613-1E8 AC&NW5027A
62613-2E8 AC&NW5031A
62612-1E8 AIllinois Central4018
62612-2E8 AIllinois Central4040
62602-1E8 ASouthern Pacific | Daylight6046
62602-2E8 ASouthern Pacific | Daylight6048
62602-3E8 ASouthern Pacific | Daylight6051
62602-4E8 ASouthern Pacific | Daylight6054
62600-1E8 AUP | Early Version928
62600-2E8 AUP | Early Version933
62616-1E8 ASouthern Pacific ‘Bloody Nose’9047
62616-2E8 ASouthern Pacific ‘Bloody Nose’9051
62614-1E8 AVIA1898
62614-2E8 AVIA1899
62615-1E8 AKansas City Southern | KCS25
62615-2E8 AKansas City Southern | KCS28
62618-1E8 ABaltimore & Ohio1435
62618-2E8 ABaltimore & Ohio1439
62617-1E8 AChesapeake and Ohio4010
62617-2E8 AChesapeake and Ohio4018
62605-5E8 APRR5799
62605-5E8 APRR5835
62600-5SE8 A-B Set
Both Powered
Union Pacific938, 938B
62600-6SE8 A-B Set
Both Powered
Union Pacific939, 939B
62600-7SE8 A-B Set
Both Powered
Union Pacific942, 942B
62600-5E8 AUnion Pacific938
62600-6E8 AUnion Pacific939
62600-7E8 AUnion Pacific942
62640-1E8 BUnion Pacific953B
62640-2E8 BUnion Pacific963B
62640-5E8 BUnion Pacific940B
62640-6E8 BUnion Pacific945B
62621-1E8 AFRISCO2006 "Traveller"
62621-2E8 AFRISCO2007 "Whirlaway"
62617-1SPE8 ASouthern Pacific‘Black Widow’
62617-2SPE8 ASouthern Pacific‘Black Widow’
62616-5E8 ASouthern Pacific‘Bloody Nose’
62616-6E8 ASouthern Pacific‘Bloody Nose’
62622-1E8 ACB&Q9940A
62622-2E8 ACB&Q9940B

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