AZL Warranty Policy

Warranty Coverage

Products purchased through authorized AZL dealers will be covered under warranty.

All products have a 90 day warranty period for manufacturing defects only.

Warranty claims after 90 days will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Adding DCC or other alterations to the locomotive voids the warranty.

Pre-installed Digitrax decoders are covered under the 30 warranty (AZL installation).

Digitrax DZ123Z0 decoders installed by customers (drop-ins only) will be considered for warranty coverage:

  1. Decoder must be installed within the initial 30 day warranty period
  2. Currently only GP30 and GP38-2s models are preset for use of the drop in DZ123Z0
  3. Customers must follow documented installation instructions
  4. AZL will determine if installation follows instructions

Use of non-Z scale rated transformers voids warranties.

Mishandling or abuse of products will void warranties.

Damage incurred for running on non-recommended radius will void warranty.


Warranty Claims

Initial claims should be initiated with the authorized AZL dealer the item was purchased from. Proof of purchase will be required:

  1. Dated sales receipt required

Depending on the type of warranty claim, AZL will work the customers to provide replacement parts in order to avoid returns.

No products should be returned to AZL without the approval of AZL.

Customers will be responsible for costs of mailing and possibly repair for any products returned without authorization.