September 2018 New Releases

| September 1, 2018

American Z Line

40’ AAR Boxcar | New York Central▼

  • Single:
    904311-1 NYC 1937 40´ AAR Box Car 157239
  • 2-Pack:
    904381-1 NYC 1937 40´ AAR Box Car 157206, 157231
  • 4-Car Runner Pack:
    914311-1 NYC 1937 40´ AAR Box Car 157200, 157202, 157204, 157237

1937 40’ AAR Boxcars – New York Central1937 40’ AAR Boxcars – New York Central1937 40’ AAR Boxcars – New York Central


SD75i | BNSF War Bonnet▼

AZL is excited to bring back our first run of SD70M and SD75i locomotives. Originally released starting in 2006, these locomotives brought modern 6-axle North American locomotives to the rails. The locomotives have been sold out for many years. We have had quite a few requests to re-release the original variants.

Using original shells that we had on hand, AZL has upgraded these locomotives and can now offer a very limited run of each of the original road names. The rebuilt SD70Ms and SD75is feature a new chassis (as used in the 2014 run of SD70Ms and SD75is), new trucks, AZL’s standard PCB, upgraded directional LEDs and AutoLatch™ couplers.

Our first release is BNSF in the classic war bonnet paint scheme. Three road numbers are available:

  • 6105-1 BNSF SD75i 8276 War Bonnet
  • 6105-2 BNSF SD75i 8285 War Bonnet
  • 6105-3 BNSF SD75i 8294 War Bonnet

BNSF SD75i War Bonnet


September Release | 2018

Zipped file. Full size images.

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