March 2015 New Releases | Part 2

| March 13, 2015

It is mid-March already. We are excited to release the first E9s in our E8 and E9 releases. As a bonus… we have our first E9 A-B sets, The Milwaukee Road EMD E9s in an A-B set as well as a single loco.


Milwaukee Road EMD E9s

  • 62609-1S MILW E9 A 30A 30B A-B Set | MSRP $297.00
  • 62609-3S MILW E9 A 32A 32B A-B Set | MSRP $297.00

To round out the sets, AZL is offering a bonus A unit. These can be used in conjunction with the sets to create a A-B-A consist, or as a stand alone locomotive. The singles are:

  • 62609-2 MILW E9 A 30C | MSRP $176.00
  • 62609-4 MILW E9 A 32C | MSRP $176.00



CN Wide Vision Caboose 

For our Canadian modelers, we have CN wide cabooses, with your choice of three road numbers!

  • 921009-1 CN Wide Vision Caboose 79601 | MSRP $61.00
  • 921009-2 CN Wide Vision Caboose 79813 | MSRP $61.00
  • 921009-3 CN Wide Vision Caboose 79864 | MSRP $61.00



March Release Part 2 | 2015

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