February 2019 New Releases | Part 1

| January 31, 2019

American Z Line

American Z line is excited to announce the first series of lightweight passenger cars.

The first release is for the iconic Union Pacific. These cars represent all new tooling. There are eight different body styles as part of the first release.
The cars are highly detailed with etched metal stirrups, flush window glazing, close coupling, and fine add-on details such as antennas. Each car is equipped with AZL’s AutoLatch TM couplers. One prototype specific detail that should be mentioned is the UP cars come with the green tinted glass that was typical of the prototype UP cars. The dome cars do include interior details.

The UP cars represent those cars that ran across the UP system. These cars could also be found on many of the named trains such as the City of Los Angeles, City of Portland and City of San Francisco. Also, a special note is that this run includes three cars for other railroads that intermixed with the UP. Look for a car from the Southern Pacific, C&NW and Wabash, all in UP yellow!

UP Lightweights


UP E8A Early Versions



Northern Pacific AAR Boxcars

AAR Boxcars


Norfolk Southern SD70M



February 2019 Release | Part 1

Zipped file. Full size images.

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