February 2014 New Releases | Part 1

| February 3, 2014
The Big Boys Are Back In Town!

The Big Boys are BACK! For February, AZL is bringing back the Union Pacific 4014. The prototype 4014 has just began a long restoration process. The restoration is expected to take 3 – 5 years. When done, the Big Boy will be converted to oil fired. Here is more information on the Big Boy 4014:


AZL has decided to jump ahead and offer the 4014 in the post restoration version with a centipede oil tender. Sure, we won’t see these in real life versions for a number of years yet, but Z scalers can have one now!

As a bonus, AZL is offering the Big Boy with an all NEW Union Pacific class CA-1 wood side caboose. The caboose is all brass. It has road number 2641.


Union Pacific 4014 Big Boy Set With Post-Restoration Oil Tender ▼

  • U17071-6B UP Big Boy Set 4014 | MSRP $2079.00

AZL Big Boy Set


TTX 89’ Flat With M577 Personnel Carriers ▼

  • 91103-1A TTX RTTX 89′ Flat 601857 2x M577 Personnel Carrier | Olive Green | MSRP $85.00
  • 91103-1B TTX RTTX 89′ Flat 601890 2x M577 Personnel Carrier | Olive Green | MSRP $85.00
  • 91103-1C TTX RTTX 89′ Flat 602185 2x M577 Personnel Carrier | Olive Green | MSRP $85.00
  • 91103-1D TTX RTTX 89′ Flat 602160 2x M577 Personnel Carrier | Olive Green | MSRP $85.00

TTX Personnel Vehicles


February Release Part 1 | 2014

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