April 2016 New Releases | Part 2

| April 15, 2016

American Z Line

The SD70ACes are now available! To kick off this incredible new locomotive series from AZL, we have BNSF with the original non-isolated cab… and the first heritage locomotive in the series…. Union Pacific’s Western Pacific heritage unit.



  • 63102-1 BNSF SD70ACe 9330 Original Cab
  • 63102-2 BNSF SD70ACe 9334 Original Cab



EMD SD70ACe | UP / Heritage WP▼

  • 63109-3 UP SD70ACe 1983 Heritage | WP


AZL is offering a subscription program for both the NS and UP Heritage SD70ACes. Through this program, you can choose to receive one each of the NS or UP Heritage SD70ACe. The NS series will have 10 different locomotives. The UP series will have 7 different locomotives. This does not include the non-heritage versions for these two roads. By subscribing, you are guaranteed to receive these limited edition versions.  If you are interested in subscribing, please reserve with a Visa or MasterCard. We will charge your card for the price of the locomotive and ship once it is available. Shipping will be discounted from our standard rates as part of this program.

The SD70ACes feature a powerful can motor, dual flywheels, traction tires, directional controlled LED lighting, AutoLatch™ couplers, fine pad printing, optional pilot and plow included and the locomotives come DCC ready.



NEW BRASS BODY | ATSF Ce-1 Cabooses ▼

AZL has announced a very limited run of ATSF Ce-1 cabooses. Three series will be released over the next three months. The first release is the original version with black roofs and all original windows. Three road numbers are available.

  • 40007-1 ATSF Ce-1 Caboose 999063 Black edge cupola roof and all original windows
  • 40007-2 ATSF Ce-1 Caboose 999096 Black edge cupola roof and all original windows
  • 40007-3 ATSF Ce-1 Caboose 999103 Black edge cupola roof and all original windows

ATSF Ce-1 Caboose



EMD SD45 | Montana Rail Link ▼

  • 63210-1 MRL SD45 321
  • 63210-2 MRL SD45 322
  • 63210-3 MRL SD45 329
  • 63210-4 MRL SD45 350




PS2-CD Covered Hoppers | Norfolk & Western ▼

  • 4-Car Runner Pack:
    90931-1 N&W PS2 CD 4750 Covered Hopper | 177313, 177454, 177467, 177492
  • Single Cars:
    91931-1 N&W PS2 CD 4750 Covered Hopper 177304
    91931-2 N&W PS2 CD 4750 Covered Hopper 177412

PS2-CD Covered HoppersPS2-CD Covered Hoppers



7,600 Gallon Corn Syrup Tank Cars | CCLX ▼

  • 4-Car Runner Pack:
    903807-1 CCLX 17600 Gallon Tank Car | 844, 911, 1045, 1128 | Corn Products
  • Single Cars:
    913807-1 CCLX 17600 Gallon Tank Car 1150 Corn Products
    913807-2 CCLX 17600 Gallon Tank Car 806 Corn Products

17,600 Gallon Corn Syrup Tank Car CCLXs17,600 Gallon Corn Syrup Tank Car CCLXs


April Release Part 2 | 2016

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