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Don Bouchard GP38-2

| August 1, 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

As most of you know, Don Bouchard was the general manager and tool maker at RLW back in the late 1990s and was able to create the VERY first Z scale hood unit. Don sadly died in an accident in 2010. AZL will honor Don with a special SP and BN edition of the GP38-2. AZL and Ztrack Magazine will donate the net income from this special run to Don’s family in Oregon.

Don Bouchard

We have kept the original body and mated the locomotive with our new GP mechanism. A lot of small details are added or improved. The GP38-2 now offers window glass, AZL Auto- Latch couplers, standard fuel tank and accurate air horns. The handrails are improved and the locomotive now has a prototypical height. We think Don would approve.

Don Bouchard BN

August 1, 2012

Due to the large demand, AZL has made the decision to release the other three road numbers for SP and all BN road numbers immediately. The proceeds for all of these locomotives will go to Don Bouchard’s family.

You can order your Don Bouchard SP and BN GP38-2 locomotives now at Ztrack Magazine

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