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| May 9, 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

American Z Line showed off a number of new products during the National Z Scale Convention. Let’s start with GP38-2s. AZL released the ‘Don Bouchard’ SP GP38-2s during the show. Shipments to those who pre-ordered and were not at the convention will go out this week. Unfortunately, the BN ‘Don Bouchard’ GP38-2s did not arrive in time. We will be honoring prices and ship as they arrive.

AZL National Z Scale Convention

AZL also showed off GP38-2s in ATSF, GT, UP, NS, CSX, CN, CP, SOO, MILW and BNSF. AZL will begin releasing these after the Don Bouchard special locos are sold out.

New SD70s have been announced, these will have Spartan cabs. Four road names have been announced, they are CN, IC, NS and Conrail.

AZL showed off samples of their 73′ Center Beam Partition cars. Roads included CRLE, TTZX, CHTT, SOO, and BNSF. There is some amazing printing on the inside end panels of these cars!

A UP light Mikado was on display. AZL is working to improve the front and trailing trucks a bit for better performance.

The heavy weight passenger cars were on display. These cars in are in the final stages of development.

RTTX 89′ flats were on display as were the complete line of 2420 waffle gondolas and 60′ beer cars. In addition, all upcoming releases of the NSC well cars were shown.

Shown above is a number of different GP7 and GP9 shells. AZL is bringing these back. Note all of the different details on these shells! This is simply amazing to think about this kind of detailing on injection locomotives. Also, note the road names listed on the cabs. AZL also mentioned that these shells will have up to 7 different side panels!

Last, but not least, AZL slipped and mentioned that they will be bringing SD45s to Z in injection. These were released previously by AZL as a brass locomotive.

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