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Budd RDC

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Budd RDC

The Budd Rail Diesel Car, RDC or Buddliner is a self-propelled diesel multiple unit railcar. In the period 1949–1962, 398 RDCs were built by the Budd Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. The cars were primarily adopted for passenger service in rural areas with low traffic density or in short-haul commuter service, and were less expensive to operate in this context than a traditional diesel locomotive-drawn train with coaches. The cars could be used singly or several coupled together in train sets and controlled from the cab of the front unit. The RDC was one of the few DMU (diesel multiple unit) trains to achieve commercial success in North America.



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Budd RDC:

AZL #ModelRoad NameRoad Number
62202-1RDC- 1New Haven20
62202-2RDC- 1New Haven31
62202-3RDC- 1New Haven41
62203-1RDC- 1ATSFDC191
62203-2RDC- 1ATSFDC192
62205-1RDC- 1CP9066
62205-1RDC- 1CP9070
62218-2RDCTrinity Railway Express2005
62218-2RDCTrinity Railway Express2012
62212-1RDCChicago and North Western9933
62212-2RDCChicago and North Western9934
62206-1RDCSouthern Pacific | Early Version10

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